Our Aim

A blog site devoted exclusively to religion is definitely not a rarity. But what makes http://www.honkunji.com special and exclusive is the extent of this niche covered by us. Religious sites are usually related to one religion – Christianity and its many branches, Buddhism, Islam and so on. In those blog sites, you will get news and information of those religions only. However, the aim of our blog site is to post matters of interest on all religions so that any visitor here will have something to read about.

What do we cover at http://www.honkunji.com? For a start it will include theology discussions on the origin of various religions, how they have evolved over centuries and the different branches and sub-sects of each. This will be peppered with interesting anecdotes and information.

Some examples will illustrate what we have set out to do. For example, did you know that church furniture has a history of its own and in the past, noblemen had furniture in churches earmarked for them and their family through an official sale deed against substantial donations? Do you know amongst the millions of churches around the world, which are the largest in size? Few know that Buddhism, the religion of peace was founded by a king and a great warrior who had a change of heart after seeing the massacre of soldiers on a battlefield.

It is blogs of such nature that sets us apart from other religious sites. However, we do admit that managing a site like ours is a massive task to say the least for our team of dedicated bloggers. For this reason, we request guest blogs on our site from dedicated bloggers who are interested in writing on the various facets of religion. The blog can be on any religion and any topic provided it is related to this niche.

It is not necessary that contributors be connected intricately to a religion, the common man with a flair for writing and who can highlight any aspect of this subject is welcome to contribute blogs to our site. Our only condition is that the blogs should be unique, original and yet unpublished on any forum. We will inform by email once it is published on our site.